Over Shetland

2018. 32x46cm Ink, watercolour & gouache on paper.

We visited Fair Isle in 2016 to see Olivia who was working there. So far that has resulted in 3 pictures: Fair Isle Wr2645, Vaasetter 2016 and Over Shetland.

This a version of what you might see if flying low in an eight seater plane from Shetland to Fair Isle and back. Lots of small and mostly uninhabited islands may be used for sheep grazing but another activity is shellfish farming. In the sea you can find lines of mussel ropes and other shellfish farming sites

The light on the sea is like a mirror reflection and the horizon is wherever your aircraft is tilted.

In the foreground the earth has been opened, probably for peat digging.
The flat abstract shapes are a deliberate feature of the painting: a conflicting pictorial space: the debate between the subject matter and the form of language employed in making the picture.

It is also because you are up in the air and normal spacial perceptions are disturbed by an unusual point of view.