Objects & Boxes
I have been combining Ceramics with other materials for a long time (see the Archive) but more recently have been making works which fit into boxes.
This section illustrates recent and current work under the general title of "Geomancy Machines & Divination Computers".
Each piece can be set up in different configurations.

Thoughts sitting on my shoulder when working and thinking about working

Archaeology and Anthropology,
Lost Magic Kingdoms and Jantar Mantars
The Wooden Computer and Simulated Divination Boxes
Reconstructed reality and misconstrued meanings
Eduardo, Twombley and Duchamp
Atlantis and Ley Lines
Machines for Divining and Computers for Simulating Fetishes
Surrealism and Constructivism
Animal, Vegetable & Mineral and Sir Mortimer Wheeler
The Meccano Boxed Sets and Toys for Boys
Geomancy and game playing,
Crosswords and kind words
Simulacra and reality,
Discarded and recycled things
Prescription rulers and diagnosis dolls
Red Lines and Green Lines
Maps of Unintended Outcomes & Events

And then of course there is always Life to fall back on.
If it doesn’t fall on you first.