Doof Doof.

Doof Doof. 2016 Watercolour & Gouache on Paper 26x36cm

This is a picture of a Luftwaffe Heinkel 111 on a bombing run over the London Docks. This bend in the River Thames features in the opening credits of the ever popular " East Enders" (BBC1 TV most weekdays).
The signature tune for east Enders opens with a particular rythmic drum roll and is commonly referred to as "Doof Doof" hence the title.

I like the clash of now & then, the contrast beween the ground then and how it is after years of (speculative) development. This is an area largely occupied by bankers and city finance workers rather than dockers and their families.

"London- a Sense of Place"
October 7th to November 5th 2016
Royal Watercolour Society
Bankside Gallery, London