Not All of This Was Planned.

Various dimensions
Box Closed: 106X84X23cm
Stacked: 106X168X23cm
Wood, Lego & Felt.

I have been saving Lego since I was involved in “The Art of Lego” exhibition: always intending to make something which would exploit the Lego Technic colours & shapes. The individual pieces are set at 45º to give a dynamic structure to the form and a base which sits more lightly on the ground.

The components are put together then partially disassembled to be glued and fixed permanently. This is time consuming and a bit tedious with a probability that things will not go back in the same way. As you get nearer to completion, the choices are more and more constrained by the requirements of the piece and the bits not yet used/left in the box. It is against the rules to go and buy what you need at this stage.

The process requires hundreds of small decisions (conscious/subconscious, accidental/deliberate, intuitive/rational) which accumulate to determine the outcome.
This process is the meaning. But there are windows and doors to open and close as well as propellers to spin.

Not All Of This Was Planned.
A reflection upon Life or maybe an Epitaph.