Pill Box & Shells

Stoneware, aluminium, brass shell casing, gold leaf, limpet shells & wood.
Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 20cm

All the components placed in the box

This is made from a red clay, painted with panels of Limoges porcelain and then fired to stoneware temperature (1260°C) in a heavily reduced atmosphere, together with a machined aluminium block, and two found objects: sea shells (limpet) and a shell casing picked up in the battlefields at Ypres when visiting with 2 friends.

The title contains an element of wordplay/double meaning which is given visual form.

A crack developed on one surface in the firing and is filled with gold leafed resin, Kintsugi, a process I have been considering for along time but the first time I actually used it because Jan had some leaf and knew how to apply it.