Armoured Still Life

Still Life,

Stoneware, earthenware, wood & gold leaf.
Dimensions: 22 x 32 x 19cm

This is made of 1 piece made in 2005, another from 2009 all put together in 2014. The title springs from the dish like major form and the slightly fruity form of the smaller component.
A corner came away at some time and the resin/goldleaf technique is used to make a repair. The dish is made of pieces akin to off-cut: when taking specific shapes out of a sheet of material.
The dish is high fired red stoneware used and feels almost like metal sheet. The spherical form is the same clay fired much lower.
The box is lined with graph paper of two types, metric and imperial: no idea why other than I like the two different kinds and not many people will notice the subtle difference.